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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Berbere Collard Greens and Lentils served on Injera

I looooove Ethiopian food so much. It's one of those meals that I justify going out for because I couldn't make it at home. I was wrong! One day I was feelin pretty ballsy and started poking around a bit on the internet. As it turns out, this ish is eeeasyyy. I mean, you can't really do it from scratch, but with the help of an Ethiopian spice mixture called Berebere, it becomes sinche!

1 bunch collard greens
1/2 C lentils
1/2 white onion
2 whole cloves garlic
1 TBSP Berebere
16 oz. teff flour
3 Cups luke warm water

So, the night before you want to mix the water and teff and let it ferment over night (to get that sour taste that Injera has). Also, the night before, clean and finely chop the collard greens and combine this in a pot with about 2 C of water, 1/2 C lentils, the onion, garlic and berebere and simmer on low for as long as you have.

The next day, make the injera as you would a pancake. The thickness should be that between a crepe and a pancake. Reheat the collard greens and lentils. I'm tellin you - the longer the lentil and collard green mixture simmers/sits, the better!

Serve the collard greens and lentils on top of the injera and enjoy!

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