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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sam's Pizza

I put everything Italian I love into a pizza. Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. (Sorry. Excuse my French.) Check it...

1 recipe Napoletana Pizza Dough
1/4 lb proscuitto di parma (don't you dare get some domestic B.S.)
3 crimini mushrooms, paper-thin sliced
1 recipe Tomato Sauce
1 ball Burrata cheese
1/2 lb wine washed rind Fontina (just go to your cheese monger and ask him for a stinky cheese)
White truffle oil

Yeah, I think you get it. Heat up your pizza stone, assemble everything (except the arugula and truffle oil) on the the pizza and cook until done. Add a ton of fresh arugula over the top as SOON as it comes out (so some wilts and some is still crisp... wow). Sprinkle with truffle oil!!!

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