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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Italian Breakfast Sammies

Forget the grotesque sausage patty (ok, fine, they're good when you are in the mood), fried egg and processed american cheese. You really have to try this light Italian breakfast sammie. I made it using the Asiago Focaccia Rolls.

1/4 lb proscuitto di parma (for two ppl)
2 Asiago Focaccia Rolls
2 eggs
1 big tomato
A handful of fresh basil leaves

Slice and warm the rolls in the oven (assuming they will not be fresh out of the oven). Lightly poach your eggs so the gooey inside breaks and gets all into the roll. You can use two eggs per sandwich if you're pretty hungry (which I typically am). Look here to make the peeerfect poached egg that you will do over and over again! While your egg is poaching, lightly fry the proscuitto until just crispy, set aside. Turn up the heat, add olive oil and fry the basil leaves until very crunchy. Slice the tomato. Assemble the sandwich as soon as the eggs are done. I like to break my yolk before I even bite into the sandwich, but some people enjoy ripping it open with their mouths. This is a must try!

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