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Monday, September 14, 2009

Chili Corn

I guess I had heard of this as appetizers at Mexican restaurants (and suggest eating this with my Fish Tacos). However, I fell in love after going to a Vietnamese sandwich restaurant, which are all the rage in NYC right now. Check out the Times article to get a list of where to go. I really suggest the one on Havermeyer Street. Although, I don't think they have chili corn. Anyyyyhoodle, recipe:

Corn on cob
Chili powder
Ground (not shredded) coconut OR manchego cheese

It's v important to grill the corn (or I suppose you could broil it... broiling is like a reverse grill... heat comes directly from top) so you get the charred pieces. Slather with butter all around, set down and sprinkle with chili powder and your coconut or cheese. Add salt and pepper at the end. YUM!!!

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