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Monday, July 20, 2009

Grilled Pizza

I really recommend grilling pizzas in the summer! I did it over 4th of July w some friends and it was super awesome. This was the gig: everyone brought their own toppings (you'll see what we did below) and a beverage to go along with their style pizza. I provided the dough for everyone.

I like it when everyone contributes - as much of a jerk as I might seem, I am pretty modest and don't like having the spot light on me. Well, that's sort of a lie, but you get it... it's nice to compliment others and get new ideas. Your friends are way more creative than you think!

Alrighty, so we will start with the "dough". This is actually a flat bread recipe I got from a cookbook from Anthropologie. If you don't know, by the by, Anthro is super awesome and chic and has the cutest aprons. These flat breads are fucking awesome because you can add anything to them (rosemary, curry (to serve as naan along Indian dishes), garlic, etc). Ok, ok, I'm rambling. I tend to get easily stimulated/excited. The recipe for the dough:

1 2/3 C bread flour (whatever, all purpous is fine too)
1 1/2 tsp active dry yeast
1 tsp salt
(mix dry ingredients and add...)
1/4 cup hot (not boiling) water
2 TBSP olive oil

That's it yo! Mix and kneed that all together (I actually tend to go a bit heavy on the oil just so it's nice and gooey), cover it and let it stand for abt an hour. This is enough for two medium sized pizzas.

Ite - these are the pies we made (in Jerz you know a pie refers to a pizza, not that gooey cherry ish some people think of):

1. (Mine... see how modest I am :-P)
Goat Gouda cheese (holy shit is that ish good)
Prosciutto (I adore this stuff like it's my child)
Fresh figs

2. My friend Liz's
Feta cheese
Kalamata olives
Carmalized red onions w balsamic (I'd eat these plain... in France this is actually a dip - yum!!!)

3. My friend Dan's (he's a simple man who is LOADED, so he brought nothing but the finest of ingredients, which amped this up)
Tomato sauce (notice this is the only one so far w sauce)

4. Meegy's dessert pizza (TRY THIS ONE!!)
Marinated berries (raspberries and blackberries marinated for 2 hours at room temp in sugar, lemon zest and a touch of balsamic... drooling...)
Strawberry cream cheese as the sauce
Whipped cream topping

~~NOTE: make sure grill is on low to medium-low.

Instructions (if you need them... it's pretty easy tho)

Roll out your dough (we just used our hands and stretched and pulled and threw ... whatever ... let people show off)
Throw dough on grill and flip after 5 mins (or until golden)
Add whatever the heck you want
CLOSE grill for 5 minutes.

I would probably recommend getting one of those huge wooden pizza flip thingies and a cutter.

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